Reviews of our Sound Guided Meditation (Sound Bath)

Leaving the sound bath I felt lighter on my feet and extremely calm. I feel like I was in a mental state I had never been in before. My body was completely relaxed but my mind was alert and active.


I always receive positive benefits from a sound bath, whether it’s acoustic or digital. It always leaves me feeling recharged and refreshed from the inside out.


I felt more balanced, and peaceful and cleansed. I felt I had some toxic – ish energy and felt very clean after the soundbath. Also left feeling very relaxed and happy


I slept extremely well that evening, and felt renewed & refreshed the next day…mind, body and spirit!

Jenanne B.

This was as close to complete relaxation as I have ever been.

Annie V.

Relaxed calm mind for at least two days.

Heidie G.

I feel so rejuvenated focused & I am looking forward to many more sound healing sessions in the future.  I will recommend this to my friends and family. I slept like a baby & any anxiety/stress I felt was gone. Thank you for the experience!


A deeper meditation and complete relaxation.


Super relaxing and I got a great nights sleep!


I felt extremely light and free, joyful and present, it was a very euphoric experience. I felt as though I was simply floating from one experience to the next, with ease and comfort through the rest of the night. I woke up still in somewhat of a euphoric state, and something just switched inside me on a very deep profound level. It’s hard to explain, but I feel different on a soul level. I see the spiritual side of life on a whole new level. I feel as though nothing really matters any more, except how I choose to see, hear, feel, and interpret whatever it is that is happening. In this relaxed calm state, I truly understand that everything is unfolding and working out perfectly.

All of my five senses seem to be more sensitive, awake, alert. Odors were stronger. My skin was more sensitive to touch. Nothing is the same…


I’ve never experienced such a profound deep meditation. All communication from my brain to my senses can only be explained as like ripples of water on a lake or the waves of an ocean, or wavelengths of energy communicating from my brain to my senses. Most if it being in my head. From one side of my brain to the other, clockwise and counterclockwise, then throughout my body like the waves of ocean or ripples of a lake. I could only feel the sounds, I didn’t hear them. I could feel them, and  through every inch of my my body, and on a cellular level, as though every cell in my body was alive and in harmony and synchronicity of the other. My body seemed to vibrate at times in rhythm with the singling bowels.


I slept much better, and it helped my meditation practice deepen in the days following.


It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the sound bath. What I have experienced is a sense of relaxation afterwords and very vivid dreams last night.


I felt my nervous system relax, I was able to take in deep breaths and calm my whole body. The sounds were beautiful and powerful, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Yesterday (and today) went very well! I could not have succeeded yesterday without your work. You are so talented and I’m so appreciative.  When I got into self criticism mode, I concentrated on my power center and grounding out all those other thoughts.  Thanks so much again.  I can’t exactly express in text how grateful I am for the person you are and your skill at your work.


I had a sound healing with Jillian and she fixed my left knee glitch pretty well. She gave me valuable personal information that fit with what I know about my life and my body/spirit. Highly recommend giving this a try.

Nancy Peden

A deep sleep and an overall sense of calm. It was hard to wake up the next day!


Excellent way to decompress. I have been trying to adjust to the LA time zone from a recent trip to Europe and last night was the first night I slept all the way through the night, until 7am! (I had been waking up at 4/5am.)


I was more centered and felt less urgency to do meaningless tasks for the sake of staying busy. Been waiting a year for this. We need this more often. Makes sense for the health of our team that is suffering from extreme stress.


This was my first sound bath experience and I truly enjoyed it! I felt extremely relaxed physically and mentally.


Thank you for providing the opportunity. All of us can use this form of wellness/self care.


I felt very calm, centered, and light for the evening of the sound bath and the next day.


I felt a sense of euphoria for about 3 hours after the sound bath was over. I also slept extremely well that night, seriously dead to the world.


Felt calmer and more energetic the next day.


Felt relaxed, positive and more focused.


I definitely felt very relaxed and calm directly after the sound bath. That night, I slept more soundly than I had in awhile. I didn’t wake up at all, and felt regenerated the next morning.


I felt very relaxed, calm, level headed and ready to take on the rest of the week. This feeling lasted for a few days actually.


This was extremely helpful. People in our company would benefit so much from this. Imagine how more efficient we’d be if everyone was able to find clarity. I was able to to get so much more work done and feel good about the work I was doing after the session. With my job comes a lot of stress, but not any occupational ways to relieve it.


I found the sound bath very relaxing. I did find myself in thought a lot, but I know it takes a lot of practice to be able to clear your mind J I would certainly sign up for another session if offered. I personally would probably attend once a month, though would consider signing up if offered more frequently!


I felt very relaxed all evening. I was able to fall right to sleep and stay asleep all night.  Woke up very refreshed!


It allowed me to focus on being there in the room rather than everywhere else. My mind was able to relax and re-set.


Definitely felt more centered and at peace afterwards. A few people in my department agreed we all slept well!


Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the sound bath. I felt very relaxed and felt a more open consciousness during the experience. I was in a state of deep meditation and felt I was able to submerge mentally and spiritually throughout the process. Afterwards, I felt very calm.


I noticed myself more relaxed and peaceful after the experience. I would definitely attend another sound bath.


I felt great for just about 3 weeks after my last session with you! My energy was high, my thoughts were the clear and I was on top of the world! The best I had felt in a long time!

Devon DePaolo