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Alternative Healing for Regular People.


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Sound Guided Meditation AKA (Sound Bath)

Work hard. Play hard. Relax hard.

Everyone talks about the benefits of meditation, but very few of us are able to master it. With a normal schedule of home, work and personal responsibilities, carving out quiet time for meditation gets the boot.

Let ME take the work out of meditation for you! With acoustic instruments that target your nervous system into relaxation, you can experience the benefits of deep meditation with minimal effort.

If you love to play hard and work hard, come in and expect to rest hard. Through the use of specific acoustic frequencies that induce brainwave entrainment, you will get some intense & effective rest for your body and mind.

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* Mobile sound baths are also available upon request. If you already have a space for you and your friends or guests, I can come to you!

Biofield Tuning Session

Break through the plateaus of the mind and body.

Just like our bikes and banjos, everything that is well-used and played deserves a tune-up to get it back into tip-top shape. During a Biofield Tuning session, that is exactly what we do — we give the mind and body a tune-up, or a reset, back to their factory settings.

This process can uncover what has been holding us back from operating at 100%. It gives us an opportunity to see solutions to problems that come up in our life’s everyday challenges.

If you have been playing more notes out of tune than you would like, it might be time to dial it in.

*Biofield Tuning sessions can be effectively conducted in-person or at a distance over the phone.


About Matt

Life In-Tune = Less Stress, More Fun

From an early age, I had a passion for making sound. At eight years old, I got my first drum set, and the rest was history. I spent time touring around the local scene with my band until life got busy! The passion for music was stifled, but not put out.

The grind of corporate life reignited the passion for music, health, and wellbeing. I felt myself worn out and spread thin.

There had to be more to life.

I’m sure you can relate. That’s why you’re here, right?

You know there’s more to you than the grind.

That’s where I come in.

Formerly trained as a Nutritional and Sound Therapist, the skills and experience I’ve acquired over the years will get you to that version of yourself you never knew was in you.

Are you ready?



“Leaving the sound bath I felt lighter on my feet and extremely calm. I feel like I was in a mental state I had never been in before. my body was completely relaxed but my mind was alert and active”


I always receive positive benefits from a sound bath, whether it’s acoustic or digital. It always leaves me feeling recharged and refreshed from the inside out.


“I felt more balanced, and peaceful and cleansed. I felt I had some toxic – ish energy and felt very clean after the soundbath. Also left feeling very relaxed and happy”


“I slept extremely well that evening, and felt renewed & refreshed the next day…mind, body and spirit!”


I feel so rejuvenated focused & I am looking forward to many more sound healing sessions in the future.  I will recommend this to my friends and family. I slept like a baby & any anxiety/stress I felt was gone. Thank you for the experience!


I felt my nervous system relax, I was able to take in deep breaths and calm my whole body. The sounds were beautiful and powerful, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


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