We are Vigilant Healing Solutions.

Eric and Matt met in a Nutritional Therapy Program with NTA during orientation. Both of them feeling the need for more in life, starting down new paths, and venturing outside the box. Eric was impressed by Matt – a young, newly single father of two-who was navigating the duties of co-parenting and striving to start new career all at once. Eric related to Matt’s desire to find ways to help people who didn’t know how to help themselves.

Eric living in Los Angeles and Matt in Temecula, would hold study groups with students in the SoCal area to discuss their new found knowledge. Eric took interested in Sound Guided Meditations, sharing the powerful effects with Matt.

Both being musicians for the majority of their lives, they discovered that sound therapy and nutritional therapy could work in unison to reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety, which is fundamental to the healing processes.

More than a decade working in their private and corporate environments was enough to convince them that there was a need for a wellness solution to help those under the stresses of everyday American life.

Meanwhile, Matt felt that physical healing was only part of the process. He began discovering energy healing methods. To him, sound therapy was simple: You play harmonies in order to achieve harmony. Both Matt and Eric went to Lori Torok at Eloia Healing Arts in Temecula to become Reiki 1 and 2 certified. Together they created Vigilant Healing Solutions, a mobile sound therapy/sound guided meditation studio dedicated to overcoming the obstacles presented by stress—”the silent killer”—and guiding others to a more peaceful, whole and healthy way of being.